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Self Defense Training in South Florida

We Teach Functional Martial Arts that Train

Our Students in Street Effective Self-Defense Skills.

Karate, Krav Maga, Jujitsu,

Filipino Weapons Arts, Wing Chun Kung Fu.

We are an Adult School

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Can you really defend yourself?

Most people don’t know how to defend themselves in a serious self defense scenario. Maybe they did some Karate as a kid or took a few MMA classes and at most they were in some in a few fights in high school etc but they have never faced a dangerous attacker who was trying to hurt them.

Once you’ve learned the self defense skills to protect you will have confidence & peace of mind. It always surprises us that people wander around an increasingly dangerous world with NO real ability to PROTECT themselves or their family. And once you learn solid self defense skills you’ll wonder why you didn’t take the time to learn sooner. 

(Like our students Chris or Brian in the self defense testimonials below. If you were in their place and got attacked by a guy with a 15LB wrench or a pistol would you know what to do?)

Your FEAR is telling you something

When you experience that fear from being around a dangerous person or situation it is telling you to take action & get this area of your life handled.

If someone worked on a boat but couldn’t swim, and were just hoping they never fell into the ocean, you’d think they were crazy. And if they were afraid of the water regularly you’d advise them to DO something about it. Learning to swim is a basic skill that’s not hard …and its fun to do. Self defense is the same way. Its not that hard to learn street functional self defense, Its fun to do and you’ll be a stronger, more confident and less fearful person.

You’re not trying to be Chuck Norris or a pro MMA fighter and you’re not going to be fighting in a pro Karate or MMA tournament. That takes years because you are facing a trained fighter with many years of experience. That’s not what happens in random street attacks in South Florida. 

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Dojo Skills Montage

We Teach Functional Martial Arts Skills for Self Defense

We give our students many helpful resources, videos, tutorials etc, to help them learn quickly and well.

The Dojo posts videos every day as a resource to help our students learn martial techniques, concepts, strategy, and real-world application. Students have (free) access to over 300 videos covering all aspects of martial skill.

We have a large variety of written materials, eBooks, rank curriculum, martial strategy guides etc. Every level includes recommended books and reading that will help you as a martial artist and also in your personal growth. 

Video is one of the best modern teaching tools. We use it extensively, along with video software such as Coach’s Eye. We post 1-4 instructional martial skills videos daily. We also take individual videos of students working on their martial skills which we send directly to students with training tips and corrections. This helps accelerate your rapid progress as a martial artist. 

About the Self Defense Training

Self Defense

Learning how to defend against real street attacks. The peace of mind that comes from knowing you have the skills to defend yourself & your family. To date, all of our students that have needed to use their self defense skills have done so successfully. 

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Improve yourself in mind, body & spirit. As you improve your self defense skills you are also making yourself a better version of you. Mastering martial skills will also change and improve you physically and mentally.

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Training with a great group of people, making good friends and being a part of the Dojo Brotherhood is a great experience. Many great, lifelong friendships are made in Dojos. Our Dojo is a warm, positive place where all the other students will help you to learn and master your martial skills. 

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We let you come train at our school (at no charge) so you can learn some real self defense and experience the school. Call (954) 300-2841‬ to get more information and reserve yourself a space.

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Video Courses

We have a large variety of instructional videos we make available to students (at no charge) to help them learn faster and more effectively. We have the Martial arts curriculum tutorial series, the “Martial Roadmap” series, “Street Attack (Bunkai)” series -defenses against common street attacks and more. As well as over 300 videos on individual martial techniques, concepts & strategies.

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About the School

We are an all adult martial arts school that focuses on reality based self defense skills. We teach the simple, effective skills that will quickly allow you to be able to defend yourself from a street attack.

Real self defense skills are not like what you see in the movies or in an MMA (mixed martial arts) tournament. There are a small number of very common self defense scenarios that you need to learn how to defend yourself from. We teach these skills right from your first class. 

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Last modified on June 5, 2023