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Self Defense South Florida

Real Self Defense Skills

Self-defense scenarios and real world martial arts skills are the main focus of our martial arts school.

To be able to defend yourself affectively you need to be able to handle The most common Street attacks. You have to be able to defend effectively against all the different types of threats: punches, kicks, grabs, chokes, weapons attacks, pistol defenses, multiple opponent attacks etc

Most martial arts training that you see commonly offered is what is called “martial sports”, kids martial arts or possibly some kind of mixed martial art (MMA) Training

Sport martial arts are not as effective for real world street self defense scenarios. Because they are sports, they have made an effort to make them more safe by removing dangerous techniques. They don’t target weak areas of the body (eyes, throat, groin, joints etc)

This makes it harder for smaller defender to handle larger more aggressive attackers. Having lots of rules about what you can do and not do and What’s allowed and part of the sport, favors the attacker, who will not be fighting within any rule structure.


Martial sports competitions also all start from a neutral beginning position. All of the defenses sport martial artists practice are expecting to begin from a “fair” starting point . They are not ready for any sort of ambush or sucker punch situations where they are outnumbered by multiple attackers etc.

 We say at the school that most people don’t want to fight with you they want to beat you up.

They attack by surprise. They have a weapon. That is why they try to sneak up on you or get some sort of advantage.

They will try to win the fight in the first few seconds. They will attack you in whatever way they feel gives them the greatest advantage


We have dozens of testimonials from current and former students. Here is some of what they have to say.

This is an excellent dojo where students will develop their skills in the areas one needs for effective self defense. I started training here several years ago after already having experience in some more traditional schools and my overall skills have improved by leaps and bounds.

At this Dojo you’ll be exposed to striking, grappling, in-fighting, weapons, multiple attackers, surprise attacks, and more.

Sensei is an excellent instructor and he does not accept students that are not a good fit (e.g. ppl that are clearly itching for a fight and might not be safe to train with).

Highly recommended”

Ramon Garo

IT Network Security

“This adults only dojo is the real deal. What do you do if someone pulls a gun, knife, stick, or other weapon on you? What do you do if your faced with multiple attackers? These are the scenarios we train for in every class. After a few months of training here I feel the real-world self-defense skills being taught by Sensei have equipped me to deal with most everyday threats. Being able to practice these skills with my dojo brothers and sisters in a fully equipped dojo every week is allot of fun.”

Jack Gale

Fort Lauderdale FL

“I have been a student at Bushido Ryu Dojo for almost 4 years now and I can say that the whole experience with Sensei and the other students has permanently changed my life for the better. The teachings and philosophies that are offered at Bushido Ryu Dojo have made me much more confident in my own mindset towards life and gave me the peace of mind of having the skills to defend myself in the outside world through excellent martial arts training. I couldn’t have hoped for a better martial arts school to train at..”

Josh Jenssen

Hollywood, FL

4 main areas of focus at our Dojo

There are many benefits to training in real martial arts. 

1) Real world functional self defense and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you can defend yourself and your family.

2) Personal transformation in mind, body and spirit.  As you become a better martial artist you will also improve yourself as a person.

3) The Dojo Brotherhood. Being a member of an exceptional group of people that you enjoy training with is one of the biggest benefits of being in a Dojo.

4) The fun of the arts. Learning about martial arts and training the various techniques is a lot of fun and very enjoyable.

Admission to our Dojo is by invitation only. We we have a really good group of people that train here and we looked add similar quality people to our group.

At our school when new people come in to join us all the other students make them feel welcome and help them to learn quickly and well. it’s very positive training environment.

We are also an all adult school. Most of our students 35 to 55 years old.

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Last modified on May 6, 2023