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Student Testimonials

Students Experiences

The most important thing for you is to find a school that fits YOUR needs and goals. Here are some other students experiences with  training at the Dojo that will give you a better sense of what our school offers.

Siham Lara

“I’ve had to use the skills I was taught on 2 occasions to defend myself.
5 stars”

Chris Castro

“I had 2 guys attack me when I was at a gas station. The skills I was taught (especially the defending against multiple attacker training) allowed to me to successfully defend myself.”

Norman Velasquez

“I was on a business trip to Las Vegas. My wife was with me. A street guy reached past me and tried to grab my wife. I put him in a basic arm bar and I had him totally under control.
The skills I learned at the Dojo worked perfectly. It is a good feelin to be able to defend your family.”

Kyle Wade

“The way lessons are taught are very straight forward and easy to understand. A superior martial arts school.
5 stars”

Walter Bankes

“The knowledge and enthusiasm that I have experienced thus far from everyone is one of many reasons that Bushido Ryu Dojo has become a second home and a new way of life for me. Very grateful that Sensei has chosen to take me on as a student.”

Holly Hought

“Excellent program. I attended in late ’90s and it changed my life in so many positive ways. I don’t live in Broward County anymore but really miss Sensei and the Dojo. I highly recommend the school.”

Hugh McPherson

“This Dojo is made up of committed individuals who train in real Self defense. They work together for the benefit of each student from day one! Led by a Sensei who makes learning swift, interesting and safe! In my first 3 days I learned more real skills more than in 6 months of sport karate!”


Jesse Trainor

“After many years of martial arts training in many different schools, I have finally found what I’ve been looking for. Sensei is the most skilled instructor I’ve ever worked with.”

Carson Sulliven

“I’ve trained at a number of dojos around the country and none compare to this place. SENSEI is knowledgeable in every form/situation you may find yourself in and the dojo has a friendly but productive environment. Anyone who wants to better themselves and learn how to truly understand the art of Martial discipline this is where they should study.”

Last modified on May 6, 2023